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The Skills panel can be accessed via the Stats panel:
Open the stats panel by moving the mouse to the upper left of the screen until the stats panel appears
Extend it so the skills panel is displayed by using the arrow at the bottom right of the panel nest to "Skills:"

Skills Panel

Skills are parts of the game that you can become better on through pratice

Example skills

+Wood cutting

Gaining points in a skill

To gain in points in any of the skills you need to pratice at them
For example to get better at wood cutting you need to chop down trees

Each time you do this, you get closer to gaining 1% at that skill, you will be told when you gain 1%

Rewards & Titles

The rewards will vary upon the skill, for example with swimming you can swim faster with practice
And with wood cutting you can gain more experience and drops (loot) through practice

Titles are use to describe your current level in the skill and sometimes effect rewards

Skill details

To see more detail about any skill click on the skill
Skills detail
This displays your overal percentage, percentage to next point & your current title
Click anywhere off the interface in order to close this display

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