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Quest log

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The Quest log panel can be accessed via the Status panel:
Open the stats panel by moving the mouse to the upper left of the screen until the stats panel appears
Extend it so the status panel is displayed by using the arrow at the bottom right of the panel nest to "Status:"
Again extend this panel using the arrow at the bottom right to display the Quest Log panel

Quest Log Panel

The quest log panel displays a list of all quests you are currently on, and their current status
It serves as a reminder to you of what you need to do next in each quest
Quests are displayed in the order of newest to oldest

Quest detail

To see more detail about a quest click on it
Quest detail
This shows the quests name, a quick summary of what you need to do and a more detailed explanation of it

Remove a quest log

If you decide not to complete a quest you can remove its log entry by selecting it and clicking the remove button
Also note that you can only store up to 50 records, if you go over this limit the oldest entry is automaticly removed

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