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The Status panel can be accessed via the Stats panel:
Open the stats panel by moving the mouse to the upper left of the screen until the stats panel appears
Extend it so the status panel is displayed by using the arrow at the bottom right of the panel nest to "Status:"

Status Panel

The status panel shows various bits of information about your character, including:
+Health - Current number of hit points and the max available
+Magic - Current magic power and the maximum you can have
+Stanima - Shows your short term stanima - 100% = ready to sprint - goes down while moving
+Age - Real time age of your character
+Tiredness - Percentage tiredness, when this gets high you need to sleep (/lay)
+Hunger - Percentage, constantly increasing - Use food to lower this percentage. Can cause damage to health
+Thirst - Percentage, constantly increasing - Use drink to lower this percentage. Can cause damage to health

Other Panels

From this panel you can also access the quest log panel which displays a list of quests you are currently on

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