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You can access your stats panel by moving your mouse to the top left of the screen.
It will pop out from there.

Stats Panel

If you move your mouse away, the panel will disappear.
If you don't want that to happen you can click on the pin (top left) to make sure it stays on screen.

This panel lists all of the stats your character has, including running speed, jump strength, etc.

Stat Points

At the top of the panel next to your level you can see how many points you can spend on any of these stats.
You gain a point every other level (level 3, 5, 7, etc.)

To spend points, click on the + sign next to the stat you wish to spend it upon
The + sign is only visible if you have points to spend
Note that you can't change your mind once you have spent points

Stat Display

Each stat is displayed in one of two forms
Base value only - If only one number is displayed (eg. Run Speed 2.3) then there are no adjustments being made to it
Base value + adjust value - If two numbers and a result are displayed (eg. Run Speed 2.3 + 0.5 = 2.8)
then an item or temporary stat change (perhaps from a spell or potion) is currently modifying that stat

Stat Limits

To ensure the game is always playable stat limits are in place to ensure stats remain within acceptable limits
If a ! symbol is displayed at the end of a stat then it has gone outside of the range and is being limited by it

Other Panels

From this panel you can also access the status and quest log panels, or the skills panel
Use the arrows at the bottom right to access any of these panels

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