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Quick Equip

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Quick equip allows you to change equipment using the keyboard

Setting up a quick equip:

When equipping an item (see equipment section for details on how to do this) hold down Ctrl + (0 - 9)
Eg. When equipping a weapon hold down Ctrl + 1 as you drop the item into the inventory slot

A message will be displayed saying that the item is now assigned to a quick equip

Using a quick equip

To change equipment with the keyboard, hit Alt + (0 - 9)
Eg. If you assigned a weapon to quick equip 1 (by pressing Ctrl + 1 when you equipped the item) hit Alt + 1 to use it

If the item is NOT equipped when you use the quick equip, it will be equipped (unless not in your inventory)
If the item is equipped when you use the quick equip, it will be de-equipped and returned to your inventory


You can view your current quick equip links by moving the mouse to the top of the screen

Quick Equip panel

Each link is displayed with the items icon and a 2 character code to describe where it is linked to
For example, RH stands for right hand and LF stands for left foot

Deleting a link

To delete a quick equip link first go to the quick equip panel
Find the link you wish to delete, and right click it

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