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The Equipment panel can be accessed via the Inventory panel:
Open the inventory panel by moving the mouse to the upper right of the screen until the inventory panel appears
Extend it so the equipment panel is displayed by using the arrow at the bottom left of the panel

Equipment Panel

The equipment panel shows all of the slots that can have items equipped to
Each slot can take one piece of armour or clothing and one other item such as a weapon, helmet or shield

Equipping an item

To equip an item:
Right click it on the inventory panel
Move the mouse over the slot you want to equip the item to
Click again to equip the item

If the item cannot be equipped for any reason a message will be displayed
Note that you have to be standing up and idle to be able to change equipment

De-equipping an item

To de-equip an item:
Right click the slot the item is in

As with equipping a message will be displayed if you can't de-equip for any reason
If more than one item is equipped (eg. armour and a weapon) the top item will always be de-equipped first

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