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You can access your inventory panel by moving your mouse to the top right of the screen.
It will pop out from there.

Inventory panel

If you move your mouse away, the panel will disappear.
If you don't want that to happen you can click on the pin (bottom right) to make sure it stays on screen.

You can view up to 20 items per page, some items can be stacked ontop of each other too (eg. ammunition)
The left and right arrows by the side of "Page ? of ?" will scroll through all pages

You can carry only so many items at once, no more than the number of slots you have
Also you can't carry more than your weight limit
Note: if you reach 90% or above of your weight limit you will be slower than normal

You can see how much Krona (money) you have here

Re-arranging your inventory

If you want to move items around in your inventory, pick a item up by right clicking
Then either click on another item with the:
Right mouse button - moves all items along one and puts the item before them
Middle mouse button - swaps the two items

Viewing more information about an item

To get more detail about an item, left click it once

Using an item

You can use an item in several ways
To equip an item, pick it up by right clicking it and drop it onto the appropriate slot on your equipment panel
To use an item (food, drink, bonus item, etc.) left click on it twice
To drop the item, right click to pick it up then left, middle or right click somewhere off the panel to increase the number of
these items you are dropping, then press enter to drop the items or space to cancel
If you are trading with a merchant you can also right click the item to pick it up, then left click on the trader to sell the
item (you can increase the quantity in the same way as dropping it)
If you are asked for a item on a quest, again right click to pick it up, change how many you want to give and give it to the


From this panel you can also access the equipment panel
Click the arrow at the bottom left to show the equipment panel

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