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A "item" in FreeWorld refers to any thing you can carry or equip or use

Monster drops

You can store any item in your inventory, and some can be stacked ontop of each other (eg. ammo and some drops)

Although you can store any item, you may not be able to use it.
Some items can only be used by certain races and others are restricted to certain levels

Each and every item weighs something, and you can only carry so much in your inventory
The value of a item may go up or down depending on wether its been damaged or improved in anyways
Eg. A broken weapon will be worth less than a fixed one, and cooked food is worth more than raw food

You can get items:
As loot when a monster dies
From a merchant
From other players
From quests

You can usually view detailed information about an item by clicking on it (see next article on the item detail screen)

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