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When you kill a monster, it will quite often drop some loot as well as give you experience (see the experience section)
These are items you can retrieve from the monsters corpse and take for your own

To loot a monster stand next to its corpse and either hit the action key (space), left click it, or type /loot

You will be shown a list of items you can loot, and you can select how much of each you wish to take

Loot screen
Pressing 'None' will select none of the items (by default all will be selected)
Pressing 'All' will select all of the items
Pressing 'Take' will take the selected items
Pressing 'Done' will close the loot window
Selecting 'Auto loot' will turn auto loot on from now on (see below for details)
Click on a item and use the arrows to change how many of that item you will take

Auto loot:

This feature will automaticly loot all items from a monster when you kill it
Although this does save a lot of time, you may not always want all items
You can also type /auto loot on and /auto loot off to turn this feature on or off

Note: Auto loot does not work if you are near another team member. It is left up to you to decide who gets what loot

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