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When you inflict or recieve damage from a monster a message is displayed on screen

Example damage messages

Outgoing damage

If you hit a monster, it will be displayed in yellow text.
It is possible to hit monsters for more or less than normal if your weapon is strong or weak against their type.
If this happens there will also be @ ?% displayed which shows how much more or less damage it did than normal.
The last possible adjustment on damage will be from weapon skills, this can increase damage by up to 50%
If you are good with a particular type of weapon, the extra amount will be displayed as + ?% at the end.

Incoming damage

If a monster hits you its damage is displayed in red text.
Your armour (AC) can absorb some of the damage, if any is absored it will - ? AC to show how much was absorbed.
Example - 21 - 8AC = 13 damage
The monster hit you for 21 damage, but your armour absorbed 8 resulting in 13 damage to your HP (hit points)
In the same way that your weapon can be strong or weak against a monster, your armour can be strong or weak to it.
Again this will be displayed as @ ?% and will effect your final damage

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