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This is a list of all chat related commands


/b [msg] - Broadcast a message to everyone on the server - also known as world chat
/t [msg] - Send a message to all other players on your team/party
/i [msg] - Send a message to people on IRC (see the IRC section for further details)
/p [player]|[msg] - Sends a private message to the player given
/p [msg] - Sends a message to the last person you used the above command on
/r [msg] - Replies to the last person who sent you a private message
/m [player]|[msg] - Saves a memo on the server for the given player (he/she will be told this message when they login)
/m [msg] - Saves a memo on the server for the last player used in the above command
/me [emote] - Emotes the message in the form of * your name emote - eg. * John waves

/ignore world chat on - Ignore /b messages (will not be displayed on your computer) - this setting is remembered
/ignore world chat off - Listen to world chat again


To send a message to anyone on the same map as you, just type a message without a / at the begining

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