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The patcher checks game files on your computer against ones on the patch server
If it finds any that are out of date or currupt it will download them automaticly

Patcher screen

It lists all the files that are going to be patched and how many there are
If a file is patched successfully a green tick will be put next to it, if not a red cross
If a file dosn't patch for any reason you will always be told why, always give this error if contacting support

You can quit the patcher at anytime using the escape key, it will carry on from either the exact same point or the begining
of the file next time you run it

If you do experience errors patching, and restarting the game dosn't fix the problem contact support
Support page

The patch news will also be displayed during the patch process, so you can read what has been changed recently
It will only be displayed after it has been downloaded, or if you already have the latest patch news

Once patching is complete the patch news will be displayed on the screen until you click OK or press enter

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